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The WordSearch is the most game Trivia Word , Puzzle (also know as Word Find,Word Seek..)this game have a lot of categories vocabulary English.Such as: Adjectives,Adverds,Animals,Arts,Beach,Birds,Business Office,Christmas,Clothes,Color,Country,Dictionary AB,Dictionary CD,Family,Food,German,Kids,People,Places,Plants,Seasons,Sports,Toeic Vocabulary,Vacation,Vegetables,Weather.* This game have 4 types search word:horizontally, vertically,horizontally & vertically,diagonally. The Word can search following backward.* On game play, this game has some features:- Option to recevie a hint about word- Achivement- LeaderBoard- Invite Friends- Multiplayer- Share Face- Setting theme, sound, grid,fonts- Translate word to your language.